10 Great Chalkboard Fonts

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Chalkboard letteringI am forever in love with fonts. Every time we have a new project one of my favorite steps is going and checking the internet for new fonts. Even though we have tons I am always looking for a new cool one. Now with this fun chalkboard trend, I have been looking for fonts that are suitable for chalkboard. I came up with this list, some of them are regular fonts that you can adapt with some effects (like the little design I did here to the right) or leave as-is on the chalkboard and they will still look great!

1. Birch Std. // 2. Minion // 3. Aphrodite // 4. FontMeister EVA // 5. thirsty rough // 6. Drawzing // 7. Chalkhand Lettering // 8. Eraser // 9. Imprint MT Shadow // 10. Chalkline Bold

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